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 Pictures around London





This pub was on my way from a tube station to the Tate Modern Gallery.
My first venture away from the Hotel.




This is the Tate Modern Art Museum.
It's a converted electric power station.




This view across the Thames is from one of the upper stories
of the Tate Modern Museum.  Lots of cranes indicate a lot
of building construction is going on across the way.




This is the same view at ground level.





A London Taxi outside the museum.





Some of the bridge structures across the Thames.




 A flamenco guitarist playing in a tunnel under a Thames bridge abutment.




The bottom of the big Ferris wheel on the Thames.




Trampoliners next to the Ferris wheel jumping high with safety bungees attached.





An afternoon shot of parliament and Big Ben.




Watching the water.



 A view from the West of Big Ben at 5 p.m.



A similar view across the Thames in the morning.




Westminster Abbey, main entrance.




Westminster Abbey, Western side.




A closer view of the statues at the West side of Westminster.
They're not all saints.  Pick out Martin Luther King Jr.



 The Albert memorial.



The palace where Prince Charles lives.





Royal guards marching to tour of duty.




A gardener oblivious to the changing of the guard.




Crown jewels are inside this castle at the Tower of London.




The old castle of Tower of London.




One of the Beefeaters telling the history.





Apartments inside the Tower grounds with one of the ravens.




London Bridge from the Tower of London.





Flats near our hotel in Kensington.









An old theater has been converted for this.




Posters and trash outside the paintball emporium.






Lots of recycle classifications.





This bus stopped across from the hotel for sightseers.





These buses really moved a lot of people.





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