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 Pictures of Coventry and York





The world war 2 bombed Coventry Cathedral.



The still standing Cathedral tower.





Lady Godiva



 The Witherspoon pub.



Stained glass window in the church across from our hotel.



A modern design.




York Minster  entrance.




A York artist.



York Minster.





A bridgehouse and newer architecture in York.





4:19 p.m. in York.





Fuschia and ?.



Fancy cakes available here.




The Shambles.




Trying out the merchandise.




Entrance to a flat in the shopping district.






A flat in the Shambles.





A police van.





The Three Tuns pub.




A shop window.




For the big day.




The York wall and flowers.





Old and new architecture.





Ready for the bus.





More Britain pictures


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