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 Pictures of Castles, Cardiff and Tintern Abbey


For some great pictures of Castles in Wales:




Welsh Castle #1 (I've got to look up the name).






The other side of Castle #1.





Turning around, this was the view.





Caernarvon Castle.




The museum part with some welcome benches to rest on outside.




An excellent musician.




Across from the castle, some rooftop decor.




And also some shopping.





Caerphilly Castle.





This castle is completely surrounded by water.





More of Caerphilly Castle.



Cardiff Castle tower.




Knight stuff.




Washing windows in downtown Cardiff.




 Another tower in Cardiff.





A Three Headed Dragon!





Tintern Abbey

For more beautiful photos from inside the grounds:





Do we really want it to be reconstructed?





Or do we like the ruins better?





A really secure entry (across the road from the abbey).






Some nice grasses near where the bus parked.



More Britain pictures


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