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 Photography from our recent trip to Britain

There are lots of photos in each group below.  Unless you have a fast connection,
 it will take a while to load them. Hopefully the first pictures will display as the rest are loading. 
Fellow tour travelers, check in by sending me an email.
Not all of the pictures have been added as yet.   ENJOY! and check back later.

Around London


Stratford on Avon

Coventry and York

Into Scotland


St. Andrews, Blair Castle
 and Culloden

Glencoe , Loch Lomond
 and Glasgow


Isle of Skye

Gretna , Grasmere
and Windermere

Castles, Cardiff and Tintern Abbey

Narrow Gauge Train








Exeter and extras



Summer home of
Victoria and Albert


  Here is our excellent hosting crew for our Trafalgar Tour of Britain.

Bob Hadock, expert driver, wearing one of his outstanding ties, this one from Pennsylvania.

And Esme' Green, knowledgeable and caring guide with an adventurous spirit.
After hearing her accounts of history, I was able to answer some of the history questions put to contestants on "The Weakest Link" that we watched in our hotel rooms that native Brits had trouble answering.

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